Static Code Analysis for Terraform

Looking to improve the security and stability of your Infrastructure as Code? Static code analysis tools, such as tfsec, can help. These tools scan your IaC code for security vulnerabilities and best practices, helping you catch and fix issues before they reach production. Other popular static code analysis tools for Terraform include terraform validate, Terrascan, Terraform-scanner, and Terraform Detective. By integrating these tools into your CI/CD pipeline, you can automate the process of scanning your IaC code for issues, improving collaboration among team members and ensuring that your infrastructure is deployed safely and securely.

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Chaos Engineer: Building Confidence in System Behavior through Experiments

Quick Summary: This was a good (and brief) introduction to Chaos Engineering by some top-notch software engineers. It was quick and easy to read, and the book contains some nice case studies. Book Notes: – Using Chaos Engineering may be as simple as manually running kill -9 on a box inside of your staging environment… Continue reading Chaos Engineer: Building Confidence in System Behavior through Experiments

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Once you start looking for metaphorical cheap shower curtains, they’re everywhere. Highly recommended. Sara Blakely: Start Small, Think Big, Scale Fast Overcoming the plague of perfectionism A lot of people hate open offices. I’m okay with them, FWIW. Start small.

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Nobody Cares. How comforting If I were a teacher, I would ban phones in my class Change your food – change your mind – change your life The self-driving future is almost here Has software engineering become more effective? It is hard to tell.

Genetic testing and YOU

Genetic testing is risky because, in the United States, we can be denied life insurance and disability insurance based on the results of a genetic test. The fact that genetic testing can be used to deny coverage or raise premiums adds an additional layer of complexity to each individual’s decision tree. My hot take? Avoid… Continue reading Genetic testing and YOU

Code is antifragile

I am a huge fan of Nassim Nicholas Taleb. I think he will go down in history as one of the greatest thinkers of all time. His books will be relevant and important in one hundred years, the true test. Anyway, code is antifragile. Specifically, actively maintained code is antifragile. Code that is used is… Continue reading Code is antifragile

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Socratic unruliness Segment handles a lot of data Present information compellingly

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The average holding period for a security on the New York Stock Exchange has fallen from two months in 2008 to just under 20 seconds today/li> Monetize your social media followers in the junk bond market Boom time economics Personality traits to cultivate to maximize your income: high conscientiousness, high extraversion, and low agreeableness. How… Continue reading Assorted Links