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How BP manages oilfield contractors. Judges Teach Civility as a Legal and Life Skill The correlations are too darn low

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All aboard the Lambda train Things I wish I knew about Terraform before jumping into it Slack Wins Avoid these filler words

Assorted Links

Startup Advice for Engineers. Do things that don’t scale. Timely advice on how to clean up your Twitter account. How Auth0 builds highly-scalable SaaS products. Serverless isn’t right for every scenario, but when it works, it works. Web scraping under the GDPR regime. . Long story short, don’t scrape the personal information of EU residents.

Always Leave a Note

Today I would like to share a helpful little tip. It will help you avoid problems in the future. But first the backstory. My team is new to the company. Our average tenure with the company is about six months. And with a new team, it always takes time for the team to bond. And… Continue reading Always Leave a Note

API Development: Additive, not Subtractive

“It’s important to think of API evolution in terms of growth and increasing flexibility. Graceful API evolution is additive in terms of functionality, and subtractive in terms of requirements. While change is inevitable, planning for a graceful API evolution is a good way to minimize changes that break things. For example: required input may become… Continue reading API Development: Additive, not Subtractive